Drs. Susan G. & Edmund W. Gordon’s children established the CEJJES Institute and Library to continue their parent’s life work in the promotion of social justice, particularly as it pertains to health, education, and the environmental and material well being of marginalized communities. The Institute gives special attention to the well being of children. The CEJJES Institute works primarily in collaboration with communities of color, particularly those of African descent. The Institute’s premise is that prevailing political economies of race, gender, culture, and sexuality uniquely negatively impact communities of color. The accelerating negative consequences of these processes make coming to terms with and working against Black people’s oppression a matter of urgency. CEJJES believes that by engaging in education, critical thinking, activist research, strategizing, and organizing with such communities, social justice and liberation can be achieved. The primary focus of the work of the Institute is in Rockland County, New York, but the concerns of the Institute are worldwide.

Principal Activities and Initiatives

The CEJJES Institute mission is pursued through collaboration between academics, activists, and concerned individuals and organizations. It engages in:

  • The conduct and support of empirical research, and other forms of knowledge production such as critical inquiry, interpretation and reflection;
  • The transformation of research information into implications for policy and practice concerning human development and the conservation of environmental and other human resources;
  • The dissemination of information through conferences, forums, workshops, classes, and publications relevant to the concerns of the Institute;
  • The operation of a physical complex that houses CEJJES’ administration and programs as well as hosting activities of groups working on issues related to its mission.

Permanent CEJJES facilities and initiatives include

  • CEJJES Conference Center;
  • The Charles W. White Memorial Art Gallery;
  • The Susan G. Gordon Fitness and Wildlife Trail;
  • The Comprehensive Education and Family Resource Center; and
  • The Rockland African Diaspora Heritage Center

Local Activities

CEJJES’ activities and programs, in conjunction with and for the benefit of the local community include:

  • Promoting discussion concerning educational issues as they affect children of color;
  • Implementing programs that provide supplemental education;
  • Providing support and strategizing with local community organizations to help them better serve communities of color; and
  • Creating and enabling partnerships that promote discussion and education concerned with African art, culture, history as well as other issues of importance to people of African descent.

CEJJES is Administered By

  • The CEJJES Board of Directors
  • The CEJJES Executive Director and staff

CEJJES Supports its Activities and Initiatives Through

  • Income from the Conference Center & Nature trail;
  • Donor contributions to the CEJJES endowment;
  • Support for specific activities from selected corporations, foundations and educational institutions;
  • A Co-operative structure by which CEJJES researchers and affiliates seek and share grants and other resources; and
  • Gordon family donations.

CEJJES Co-Founders & Trustees

  • Dr. Edmund W. Gordon
  • Dr. Susan G. Gordon
  • Dr. Edmund T. Gordon
  • Christopher Gordon
  • Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard
  • Johanna Gordon
  • C. Ian White