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Creator:Gordon, Edmund W., 1921-
Title:Edmund W. Gordon Papers
Dates: 1933-2010
Abstract:Edmund W. Gordon (b. 1921) is an African-American intellectual and professor with a career spanning over 70 years. As a leading psychologist and expert in education access for minority and disadvantaged students, Gordon’s scholarly contributions include nearly 200 publications.
Accession No.:2015-56
Extent:142 linear feet
Repository:Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Edmund W. Gordon (b. 1921) is an African-American intellectual and professor with a career spanning over 70 years. As a leading psychologist and expert in education access for minority and disadvantaged students, Gordon’s contributions include nearly 200 publications and the distinction of professor emeritus at both Yale University and Columbia University.

Born and raised in Goldsboro, a small, segregated town in North Carolina, Gordon’s father was a Jamaican-born physician and his mother a schoolteacher. He attended Howard University, where he earned a degree in zoology in 1942, and social ethics in 1945. While a student at Howard, Gordon came to know philosopher Alain Locke, who encouraged his intellectual pursuits.

Gordon was first ordained as a deacon in the Presbyterian Church as an adolescent. Upon his graduation from Howard University, he was an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., and served as a field missionary for a small congregation in Omaha, Nebraska. It was in Omaha that he first met his wife, Dr. Susan G. Gordon (1924-2016). Returning to the east coast, Gordon earned a Master’s degree in social psychology from The American University in 1950 and Ph.D. in child development and guidance from Columbia Teachers College in 1957. As a graduate student in New York, Gordon came know and received mentorship from W.E.B. Du Bois.

Before transitioning from clinical practice to academe, Gordon, along with his wife Susan, established the Harriett Tubman Clinic for Children in Harlem, New York. In 1959, Gordon accepted his first teaching position in academic psychology at Yeshiva University. He would then go on to teach at Columbia University, Yale University, City University of New York’s City College of New York, and serve as scholar in residence at the State University of New York’s Rockland Community College.

Over the course of his career, Gordon has remained active in professional organizations and the scholarly community. He has held elected positions in numerous organizations including American Psychological Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Academy of Education, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Gordon has also provided guiding leadership for Head Start, the U.S. Office of Education, the American Educational Research Association, the Institute for Research on the African Diaspora in the Americans and Caribbean, the Educational Testing Service, and the College Board. Honorary degrees from Yale University, Yeshiva University, Brown University, Bank Street College, Mount Holyoke College, and Howard University are amongst the many recognitions Gordon has received throughout his career.

In the 1990s, Gordon established Gordon and Gordon Associates in Human Development along with his wife, Susan. Together, through Gordon and Gordon, the Drs. Gordon consulted and provided educational expertise across the country.

In addition to scholarly contributions, Gordon has also been civically involved in his home community of Rockland County, New York, through involvement with organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Rockland Local Organizing Committee (RLOC). In 2000, the Drs. Gordon founded CEJJES Institute in Pomona, New York, as a social justice and research foundation for disenfranchised and minority communities.

In 2014, The University of Texas System Board of Regents approved the naming of the Black and Latino Studies Building to the Susan G. and Edmund W. Gordon & Charles W. and Frances B. White Building (Gordon-White Building) at The University of Texas at Austin.

More information:

Arizona State University, Inside the Academy feature on Edmund W. Gordon.

Gross, Jane. “Studying Race, Privilege And Intellectual Levels.” New York Times, 8 January 2003.

Scope and Contents Note

The Edmund W. Gordon Papers consist of documents, print publications, and audio files. File names in the collection honor original naming conventions assigned by Dr. Gordon to the greatest degree possible. As such, chronological and alphabetical arrangement are used interchangeably throughout the collection.

The collection is comprised of four series: 1) Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, 1940-2009, 2) Publications and Print Material, 1933-2010, 3) Dr. Susan Gordon, 1946-1997 and 4) Audio Files, 1958-1996.

1) Edmund W. Gordon, 1940-2009, contains three subseries: 1) Professional and Civic Activity, 1940-2009, 2) University Positions and Teaching, 1951-2009, and 3) Personal, 1955-2008.

Professional and Civic Activity, 1940-2009, includes files from Gordon’s professional and civic work over the course of his life:

University Positions and Teaching, 1951-2009, includes files from Gordon’s professional university appointments and material from his teaching career:

Personal and Civic Activity, 1955-2008, includes files documenting Gordon’s personal life, professional consulting, and foundation work. Material, such as correspondence, labeled “personal” by Gordon is included:

2) Publications and Print Material, 1933-2010, contains Gordon’s writings, drafts, and published material in addition to newsletters, books, bound publications, magazines, and newspapers that Gordon collected. Journals and documentation related to The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry and the Journal of Negro Education, which Gordon served as editor, are included.

3) Dr. Susan Gordon, 1946-1997, contains subject files belonging to Dr. Susan G. Gordon.

4) Audio Files, 1958-1996, contain digitized recordings of audio from the Gordon Papers, originally in cassette tape format.


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Gordon, Edmund W.
Gordon, Susan G.
Educational Psychology.
Supplementary Education.
Compensatory Education.
African American Psychologists.
Yeshiva University.
Teachers College (New York, NY)
Yale University.
City College (New York, NY)
Rockland County (NY)

Related Material

Edmund W. Gordon Papers, Sc MG 316, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division, The New York Public Library. *Information regarding this collection and donation to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture can be found in Box 36.

Letter from Edmund W. Gordon to MLK,” September 27, 1967. The King Center Digital Archive.

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Box and Folder Inventory

Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, 1940-2009

Professional and Civic Activity, 1940-2009
Presbyterian Church and Sermons, 1940-2009
11Sermons, 1946-1954
2Presbytery of Coastal Carolina, 1991-1994
3Presbyterian Church U.S.A., 1959-1986
4Marriage Ceremony Information, Edmund W. Gordon, Officiant, 2002-2006
5Officiated Weddings, 1982-2004
6Worship and Religious Services, 1940-1974
Research and Education, 1950-2007
Black Males and African-Americans, c. 1967-2000
21-2Task Force on the Relevance of Social Science to the Black Experience, undated
3Proposal to Carnegie Foundation by Task Force on the Relevance of the Social Sciences to the Black Experience, 1982
4Task Force on the Relevance of the Social Science to the Minority Experience, 1985-1987
5Task Force on the Relevance of the Social Sciences to the African-American Experience, c. 1993
6Task Force on the Relevance of the Social Sciences to the African-American Experience, 1993-1994
31AFAMA Paper 1: Black Males, undated
2African American Males Bibliography, undated
3African American Males Conference, 1992
4African American Males Rockefeller Grant, 1992
5African American Males Workshop #2, 1992
6New York African American History, undated
7Statistics: African Americans, undated
8African American Males Spring Conference, 1993
41African American Males: Gordon, E.T., undated
2Announcement of Black Males Study, 1992
3African American Male Achievement Symposium, 2000
4E.T. and E.W. Gordon’s Book: Black Male Problematique,  undated
5Problems of Education and Development of Black Males Meeting, October 2010
6Polite, Vernon: Black Male Book, undated
7Boyhood to Manhood Guide, 1993
8-9Black Males: Notes, Articles, Reports, undated
10Congressional Hearing on Black Males in Urban America Testimonials, 1991
11Franklin, Anderson J., undated
51Mellon: Black Males Study, 2000
2The Negro, undated
3Urban League: Black Males, undated
4NY Bureau of Curriculum Development, Compensatory Education Discussion Paper, 1967
5Questionnaire on Programs for Minority Youth, c. 1970
6African American/Black Art, 1971-1993
Chicago CANAL, 1965-1992
61Budget worksheet and information from Southern Illinois University, 1965-1967
2-3Chicago Public Schools, 1989-1992
4Follow Through, 1990
5Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1990-1991
6-7Project CANAL (Creating a New Approach to Learning), 1989-1991
71-2Project CANAL Mid-Course Review, 1990-1992
3-4Project CANAL Monitoring, 1990-1991
5Spencer Fellowship Program Committee Meeting, 1991
6U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1991
Research and Education Subject Files, 1950-2005
81A Better Chance (ABC) Board of Directors, undated
2ACLU, 1990
3Adams Project: Clark, Phipps, Clark and Harris, 1982
4Affirmative Action, undated
5American Anthropological Discussion, undated
6The Amer-I-Can Program, Los Angeles, undated
7American Association for Higher Education, undated
8The American Child, undated
9American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 1994
10American Institutes for Research: John C. Flanagan Project, 1976
91Annenberg Institute Urban Fellow, 1997-1998
2Andover Phillips Academy, undated
3APGA Awards, 1974
4Applied Cognitive Project, undated
5Arizona Center for Educational Research and Development, undated
6Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), undated
7Bank Street College of Education, 1993-2002
8Belize, undated
9Bell Curve, undated
10The Bell Curve Notes and Related Articles, 1994-1995
101The Bell Curve Notes and Related Articles, 1994-1995
2Bibliographies, undated
3Bilingual Education, undated
4Bilingual/Bicultural Advisory Committee, undated
5Biological Theories of Animal Aggression, undated
6Board on Testing and Assessment, undated
7Center for Constitutional Rights, undated
8Center for the Study of Expertise in Teaching and Learning, Inc. (CSETL), 2004
111China Trip, 1978
2Cognitive Competencies, undated
3College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB), undated
4The Commonwealth Fund, undated
5EWG, “Exemplary Programs in Compensatory Education” Report, 1972
121-2Utilizing Information from Evaluation, Research and Survey Data Concerning Compensatory Education, Drafts and
Notes, 1971
3Utilizing Available Information from Compensatory Education and Surveys, 1973
4Compensatory Education Study, 1975
5Compensatory Education Survey Results, 1975
6National Institute of Education: Compensatory Education Studies, c. 1975
7National Institute of Education: California Compensatory Education Study, 1976
131-2Effects of Alternative Designs in Compensatory Education, Conference and Remarks, 1986
3Effects of Alternative Designs in Compensatory Education, 1986
4Summer Programs and Compensatory Education, 1986
5Compensatory Education Conference, 1987
6Compensatory Education Papers, undated
141Compensatory Education Articles, undated
2Twentieth Century Compensatory Education, undated
3Research for Better Schools, Inc., undated
4Compensatory Education and Computer-Assisted Instructions Appendix, undated
5Compensatory Education for the Disadvantaged, Draft Material, undated
6Connecticut Department of Education, undated
7Connecticut Board of Education, undated
151Connecticut Board of Education, undated
2Connecticut Department of Education, undated
3State of Connecticut Board of Education, 1987
4Congressional Black Caucus, undated
5Cooperative Research Related to the Disadvantaged, undated
6Council for Aid to Education, undated
7Dallas Public Schools & National Association of Elementary School Principals, 2003
8Descriptive Analysis of an Elementary School Guidance Program in and Urban School District Monograph, undated
9Delmr Articles, undated
161-2Desegregation, undated
3Desegregation Training Institute, undated
4School Desegregation: Bloomfield, CT, 1973
5School Desegregation in Bloomfield, CT, 1973
6DeWilt Wallace, Reader’s Digest Fund, 1993-1997
7Developmental Studies Center, 1991-1994
8Doli Project, undated
9Dutchess County (NYS) Jail Planning Study, 1975
171Educational Research Material, c. 1991
2-3Ford Higher Education Study Material, undated
4French Canadian Study, 1971
5Girl Scouts USA, undated
6Hispanic Studies, undated
7Evaluation & Research Association, The House Wednesday Group, 1986
8Highlander/Folk Schools, undated
9Human Characteristics, Diversity & Identity, undated
10Illinois Office of Education, State Board of Education, 1980
11Integrated Education, undated
181International Education Consortium, undated
2International Research Institution for Maori & Indigenous Education, 1998
3Judicial Style Evaluation, undated
4Kansas City; Jenkins v. Missouri Memo, 1990
5Jungian Survey, undated
6Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership (LEAP), 1995
7Learning and Elementary Aged Children, undated
8Logopedics, undated
9London, 1984-1986
10Maps, undated
191-3Mediax: Head Start, undated
4Mediax Association, Inc., 1979-1983
201Mediax Associates: Work Conference, 1983
2Mediax Associates Proposals, 1979
3Mediax Associates, Inc., undated
4Mental Health, undated
5Multicultural Education, undated
6NAACP, undated
7NAACP Legal Defense Fund, undated
8National Academy of Education: Committee on Anthropology, 1967
211National Assessment for Educational Progress, undated
2National Academy of Education, 1982
3National Academy of Education Commission on Reading Report, 1985
4National Academy of Education, 1985-1994
5National Academy of Education: Study Group Report, 1985-1994
6National Academy of Education, 1987
7National Academy of Education, 1990
8National Academy of Education Ballot Information, 1992-1993
9National Academy of Education: NESIC, 1994
221National Academy of Education Panel Meeting, 1995
2National Academy of Education Governing Board, 1996
3National Academy of Education Evaluation of NAEP, 1996
4National Academy of Education, 1996-2001
5National Academy of Education, 1998
6National Academy of Education, 1999
7National Academy of Education Annual Meeting, 2000
8National Academy of Education Committee on Teacher Education Meeting, 2001
9National Academy of Education, 2003-2004
10National Academy of Education Committee on Teacher Education, 2003
231National Academy of Education Committee on Teacher Education, 2003
2National Academy of Education Board of Directors Meeting, 2007
3-4National Academy of Education New Member Nominations, 2007
5National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME), undated
241National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME), undated
2National Assessment for Educational Progress, 1986
3National Assessment for Educational Progress Readings, 1986
4National Assessment for Educational Progress Science Assessment, 1990
5National Assessment for Educational Progress Science Planning Committee, 1991
251National Assessment for Educational Progress Science Planning Committee, 1991
2National Assessment for Educational Progress 1994 Science Assessment, 1991
3National Assessment for Educational Progress Science Consensus, 1991
4National Assessment for Educational Progress, 1991-1992
5National Assessment for Educational Progress Science
Consensus, 1994
6National Assessment for Educational Progress Report, 1996
7National Center for Education Statistics, undated
8The National Center for Research in Vocational Education, undated
9National Center for the Management of Cultural Diversity, undated
10National Center on Education and the Economy, undated
11National Council of Negro Women, undated
261National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, undated
2National Council on Education Standards and Testing, undated
3National Center for Research and Information on Equal
Education Opportunity (NCRIEEO), 1971-1973
4National Education Association Research, 1978-1980
5-7National Education Goals Panel, 1991
271-3National Education Goals Panel, 1991
4National Health Institute, Inc., undated
5National Institute of Education, 1975-1984
6National Institute of Education, 1977
7National Institute of Education Equity Group, c. 1977
281-3National Institute of Education Equity Group, c. 1977
4National Research Council Meetings, 1993-1996
5National Research Council Committee on Education Finance, 1995-1997
291-2National Research Council Committee on Education Finance, 1997-1999
3-4National Research Council Committee on Education Finance, 1998
301-2National Research Council Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy, 1998
3National Research Council Making Money Matter Report, 1999
4National Research Council Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy, 1999
5National Research Council, 1999
6National Research Council/CBASSE Meeting, 2000
311-2National Research Council Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy Report, 2000
3National Science Foundation, 1995-1996
4National Society for the Study of Education (NSSE), undated
5National Study Group Academic Ability, undated
6National Urban League, undated
321New Jersey: Abbott v. Burke, 1998
2NJ SEEDS Program, 2007-2008
3Nicaragua, undated
4Health and Hygiene in Nicaragua Presentation Overheads, undated
5Open Mind: The Association for the Achievement of Cultural Diversity in Higher Education, undated
6Open Society Institute, undated
7Outward Bound, 1994
331Pacific Region Education Lab (PREL) Institute, 1994
2Personalization, undated
3Philadelphia Board of Education, undated
4Pittsburgh Board of Public Education, undated
5Posse Foundation, Inc., undated
6Posse Scholarship Program, 1998
341Posse Scholarship Program Evaluation, undated
2-4The Posse Foundation, 1991-1999
351Prince Edward County, VA, 1965
2Program to Increase the Participation of Women and Minorities in KPU, undated
3Public Education Association, 1994
4Project: School Dropouts, 1963
5Public Education Association, 1988-1995
6Research and Evaluation Association, Inc., 1991-1994
7Paul Robeson Foundation, 1998
8The Rockefeller Foundation, 1994-1995
9Rockefeller Foundation, undated
10Rosenberg-Sobell Case, 1950-1964
11Rutgers-Middlesex Public Schools Social Problem-Solving Program, 1985-1986
361Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 1990-1997
2Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture:
Edmund W. Gordon Papers Donation, 1990-1991
3Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture: Charles White Artwork Donation, 1991-1992
4Selected School Reform Models, 2005
5Sex and Gender, undated
6Social Science Research Council, 1994
7Socioerotic, undated
8South Carolina Department of Education, 1999
9Southern Regional Education Board, Doctoral Scholars Program, 1997
10State of Connecticut Department of Education Panel, 1987
11Studio Museum in Harlem, undated
12Subcommittee on Select Education Congressional Statements, 1975
13National Invitational Conference on Supplementary Education, 1997-1999
14Supplementary Education Expo, 1998 and 2006
15Supplementary Education, 1999-2002
371Kellogg Foundation: Supplementary Education, 1999-2003
2Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN): Carol Bonilla-Bowman, 2000-2008
3Supplementary Education Task Force, 2003-2006
4Supplementary Education Foundation Inquiries, 2003
5Taxonomy of Supplementary Education Programs, chapter, undated
6“Supplementary Education,” full manuscript draft, June 2002
7Supplementary Education: Correspondence and Notes, c. 2006
8Study Group on Supplementary Education, 2006-2007
381Teaching and Learning Corporation, undated
2Temperament, undated
3Test Fairness Policy in North Alabama, undated
4Training Resources for Youth (TRY), 1956-1966
5Treatment, undated
6Twentieth Century Theories of Education, undated
7-8United Negrp College Fund (UNCF) Dual Degree Engineering Study, undated
9United Negro College Fund (UNCF), 1993
10United Kingdom Education Papers, c. 1990
391Urban/Rural School Development Program Newark, NJ, 1974
2U.S. Department of Education, 1965
3U.S. Office of Education, 1965-1977
4U.S. Department of Education, 2000
5U.S. Office of Education, Education Data Improvement
Project, September 1986
6U.S. Department of Health, Education, Welfare, 1964
7U.S. Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education: Student Achievement and School Accountability Program Meeting, December 19, 2005
8U.S. Office of Education Division of Vocational and Technical Education, 1965
9U.S. House Subcommittee on Select Education, 1976
401Village Foundation, 1997-1999
2Virgin Islands School Assessment, undated
3West Street Daycare, undated
4Wolfe Family Environmental Scale, undated
Psychology Files, c. 1954-2003
411Harriet Tubman Clinic for the Health and Guidance of Children, 1954
2Harriet Tubman Clinic, 1954-1959
3Patient Notes: B-K, undated
4Patient Notes: L-Q, undated
5Patient Notes: R-W, undated
421-2Association of Black Psychologists, 1975-2002
3American Psychological Association (APA), 1967-2003
4APA Test User Qualifications Working Group, 1986
5APA Papers, 1986
6APA Subcommittee Meeting, 1986
431APA, 1993-1996
2APA, 1995
3American Psychopathological Association, 1968
4New York State Psychological Association, 1965
5Cognitive Psychology, undated
6-7Cultural Psychology, undated
441-2Diagnostic Tools, undated
3Psychological Testing Material, undated
4Stanford Primary Battery Achievement Test Form L, undated
5Thematic Apperception Test, undated
451Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn, 1955-1990
2Brooklyn Jewish Closed Cases, c. 1957
3Johnson/Nyack Hospital Case, 1988
4Adult Assessments, undated
5-6Child Assessments, undated
461-5Child Assessments, undated
471-9Child Assessments: B-W, undated
10Pomona Day School, undated
11New Rochelle School Struggle, undated
Conferences and Meetings, 1957-2007
481Retarded Children Survey of Needs, and Conference, 1957
2Seminar in Psycholinguistics, Tufts University, 1961
3Invitational Work Conference for Counselor Educators, 1962
4Guidance for Socially and Culturally Disadvantaged Children and Youth, 1963
5Guidance and the School Dropout Symposium, 1963
6Learning and Educational Process Conference, Stanford
University, 1964
7Henrietta Szold Institute for Child Welfare, 1964
491-2Conference on Research Problems of Education and Cultural Deprivation, 1964
3Research Conference on Racial Desegregation and Integration in Public Education, Invitational Conference on Social Change and the Role of Behavioral Scientists, 1965
4American Personnel and Guidance Association, April 1965
5Research Program in Early Childhood Education, 1965
6The Individual: Discovery, Renewal, Emergence, 1965
7Educational Achievement Conference Harvard University, 1973
501Urban and Minority Education Workshop Conference, 1974
2National Institute of Education (NIE) Conference, 1974
3Conference on Empirical Research in Black Psychology, 1975
4-5Meetings, 1975
6Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel, 1975
7Schools and Society 1975-2000 Institute, SUNY-Oswego, August 4-8, 1975
8National Conference on Urban Education, 1975
9Evaluation Conference, 1975
10April Conference, c. 1975
511NAACP Conference on Minority Education, 1975
2Meetings, 1976
3Invitational Conference on Achievement Testing of Disadvantaged Minority Children, 1976
4Conference on the Educational and Occupational Needs of Hispanic Women, 1976
5AIR Conference on Improving American Education, 1976
6National Institute of Education Conference, VA, Spring 1976
521APA: 85th Annual Convention, Options and Problems in the Use of Standardized Testing, 1977
2Ghana Educational Service: University of Cape Coast Training Workshop in Education and Rehabilitation of the Handicapped, July 11-29, 1977
3-5CEMREL National Conference on Urban Education, 1978
6Notes from the Association of Black Anthropologists, 1979
531UCLA Center for the Study of Evaluation, 1980
2UCLA Center for the Study of Education, 1980
3Black Educators’ Conference, 1980
4-5International Workshop on the Education and
Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Cape Coast, Ghana, 1981
6Policy Conference on Postsecondary Programs for the
Disadvantaged, 1982
7Conference on Families and the Economy, 1982
541Workshop on Extraordinary Moral
Responsibility, 1983
2Conferences, 1984-1985
3Conference of Joint Committee on Standards for
Educational Evaluation, July 1986
4Johnson Foundation/Wingspread Conference, 1986
5Critical Thinking & Educational Reform, 1986
6Effects of Alternative Designs in Compensatory
Education, 1986
7Multi-Ethnic Higher Education in Inner City Areas
Conference, 1986
8National Urban League Conference, Houston,
Texas, July 19-23, 1987
9UT-Austin Symposium, The Dilemma of Minority Involvement
in Math and Science, October 12-13, 1987
10Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) Board of
Visitor’s Meeting, November 12-14, 1987
11Behavior Therapy and Development Across the
Lifespan, 1987
12Teacher Supply and Demand Symposium, 1987
13Conference for Parents, Teachers, Concerned
Individuals, c. 1987
14New York State Board of Regents Symposium on Learning
Styles, 1988
15Promoting Mental Health in Early Child Care
Settings, 1988
16North Carolina A&T State University/University of
North Carolina Greensboro Conference, 1988
551Arrowwood Conference, 1988
2Tomorrow’s Schools Seminar, The Holmes Group, 1988
3Accelerating Education Conference, Stanford
University, 1988
4Program for Curricula and Materials Research
Retreat, 1989
5Meetings, 1990s
6American Association for the Advancement of Science
Annual Meeting, 1990
7Determining Our Common Destiny Conference, 1990
8Meeting on the Future of Assessment, 1990
9Mismatch: Schools at Odds with Adolescents
Teleconference, March 1990
10Council for Aid to Education Meeting, 1990
11Schomburg Center: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Forum, 1990-1991
12North Central Regional Education Library (NCREL)/CRESST
Conference, 1991
13Resilience Conference, Temple University, 1991-1992
561Collaboratives for Humanities and Arts Teaching (CHARTS)
Directors Retreat, 1992
2Building Learner Centered Schools: Creating Communities
of Learners, 1992
3Quality Education for Minorities (QEM)
Network, 1992
4Winter Roundtable on Cross-Cultural Counseling and
Psychotherapy, 1992
5The State of Corrections, ACA Annual
Conference, 1992
6Catch the Scientific Wave! American Psychological
Society, 1992
7Illinois Staff and Curriculum Developers
Association, 1993
8Third Minority Issues in Higher Education Conference,
Wilmington, DE, April 30, 1993
9-10New Directions for Education in Delaware Meeting Briefing
Book, 1993
11Research and Evaluation Associates Board of Directors’
Meeting, November 5, 1993
12International Conference on Evaluation (I.C.E.),
Assessing for Our Children’s Future, November 10-12, 1993
13Philadelphia Board of Education Meeting, August 22, 1994
14NAE NESIC Meeting, Boulder, Colorado, 1994
15CEEB Math Institute, July 7, 1994
16Temple Invitational Conference, “Social and Emotional
Adjustment and Family Relations in Ethnic Minority Families,”
, October 14-15, 1994
17Conference on Activity Theory and Vygotsky and Education
Conference, Cuba, 1995
18Coordinated Children Services Conference, University of
Illinois at Chicago, Center for Urban Education Research and
Development (CUERD), February 27, 1995
19W.E.B. Du Bois Foundation Board Meeting, March 18, 1995
571Urban School Reform Meeting, March 29, 1995
2Rutgers’ 5th Annual Diversity Week, April 3-8, 1995
3Wingspread Conference, The Johnson
Foundation, October 1995
4Wingspread Conference, 1996
5Aspen Institute, 1996
6Annenberg Institute for School Reform Research
Symposium, 1996
7Illinois State Board of Education (IBSE) Goal Assessment
Program Meeting, June 26-27, 1996
8Equity Conference, 1996
9NYU Principal’s Institute, 1997
10The Development and Retention of African American
Investigators in Research Careers, 1997
11INTASC/Council of Chief State School Offices
(CCSSO), 1997
12WE WIN Institute, Lyndale Community School, Minneapolis,
Minnesota, 1997-1998
13Workshop on Early Childhood Pedagogy: Global
Perspectives, 1998
14Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1998
15-16Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy, Woods Hole,
Massachusetts, June 29-30, 1998
17EPPS, Retirement Symposium, 1998
581-3National Educational Research Policy and Priorities
Board, “Creating a New Research Agenda,” 1998
4Laboratory for Student Success, 1998
5National Task Force on Minority High Achievement Focus
Groups, 1998
6Second World Conference on Remedies to Racial &
Ethnic Economic Equality, University of South
Australia, September 20-25, 1998
7Excellence in Education Conference, October 6-7, 1998
8National Center for Education Statistics: Analytic Issues
in Assessment of Student Achievement Meeting, November 9, 1998
591-2Sam Messick: IAEA-UNESCO Roundtable, 1998
3Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy, 1998-1999
4Center for the Study of Expertise in Teaching and
Learning (CSETL), 1998-2001
5Conference and Meeting Info, 1999
6Teaching and Learning for High Academic
Achievement, 1999
7Council of the Great City Schools, 1999
8The Future of Affirmative Action in Higher
Education, 1999
9NAACP Daisy Bates Educational Summit, 1999
601-2Committee on Education Finance: Equity, Adequacy, and
Productivity, Washington, D.C., March 5-6, 1999
3Mathematica Technical Review Meeting, 1999-2001
4Conferences, 2000s
5Wingspread Conference, The Johnson
Foundation, 2000
6Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellowship Program
Coordinators Conference, 2000
7The Institute for Learning, Pittsburgh
Meeting, 2000
8Race 2000, Temple University, 2000
9Minority Academic Achievement Network, 2000
10W.E.B. Du Bois National Symposium, University of
Pennsylvania, 2000
611National Institute for Science Education, May 2000
2-3Institute on Race and Poverty, May 2000
4Morehouse Gender Balance Symposium, Atlanta,
GA, April 5-6, 2001
5South Africa: The Doctorate/Spencer Foundation, RTG
Conference, 2001
6Race and Poverty Conference, 2001
7Minority High Achievement Initiative National Advisory
Panel, 2001
621Multiculturalism in Education, Keynote
Speaker, 2001
2Spencer Foundation Research Training Grant
Conference, 2001
3Education Technology Summit, 2001
4North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) Study Group for Affirmative Development of Academic
Ability Bibliography, 2002
5Cornell Institute for Research for Children
Meeting, 2002
6The Center for the Study of Expertise in Teaching and
Learning (CSETL) Meeting, 2002
7NCREL Study Group on Academic Achievement Gap, 2002-2003
8Symposium: Exploring After-school 2010: Creativity,
Improvisation, Innovation, 2003
9Photographs from an unidentified panel, 2003
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The College Board, 1971-2006
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University Positions and Teaching, 1951-2009
Yeshiva University, 1951-1968
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11Birch Yeshiva Lecture, April 21, 1964
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149Print Publications, undated
Teachers College, 1962-2009
1501Teachers College, 1960s
2Teachers College, 1970s
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Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), 1969-2000s
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Educational Testing Service (ETS), c. 1973-2006
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2-6ETS and Testing, undated
1621ETS and Testing, undated
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Human Diversity Project, c. 1977
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Yale University, 1977-2006
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8-9PCMR Research Group, undated
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EXXON Foundation Study, c. 1986-1989
1751Exxon Foundation, undated
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3-6Exxon Study, undated
1761-4Exxon Study, undated
1771-3Exxon Study, undated
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Macy Foundation and Program of Research for the Improvement of Minority Education (PRIME), 1983-1986
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4-7Macy Program, undated
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1791Macy Program: Student Achievement Data, undated
2-5PRIME, undated
1801-4PRIME, undated
1811PRIME: Research and Evaluation, undated
City College of New York (CUNY) and City College of New York (CCNY), 1980-1996
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2Educational Implications of Developmental Psychology, 1984-1990
3Cultural Psychology, 1985
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8CUNY, 1987-1996
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11Cultural Psychology classes, 1988-1996
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1831Standards of Excellence, c. 1990
2CUNY, 1990-1992
3CUNY: Grand School and University Center, 1991-1993
4CUNY Benefits Program, 1991-1994
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6-8CCNY Black Studies, 1992
9CCNY Black Studies Historical Documents, undated
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2CCNY Faculty, c. 1992
3CCNY, 1993
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5CCNY Intracultural Ph.D., 1993
6Research Foundation, Pending and Forms, 1993
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1851-4Student Papers, 1993
1861Correspondence, 1994-1996
2CCNY, 1994
3Correspondence, 1994-1996
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6African American Males Seminar, 1994
7Kenneth B. Clark Colloquium Series, 1994-1995
8Kenneth B. Clark Colloquium Series, 1995-1996
9Kenneth B. Clark Colloquium Series, 1996
10Ph.D. Program in Psychology, 1995
11Ph.D. Program in Health Psychology, 1995
1871Culture and Ethnicity, Spring 1995
2Cultural Psychology, 1995
3Culture and Cognitive Development, 1995
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7Spencer Foundation, 1995-1996
8Social Development of Black Males, 1996
9CCNY, 1996
10Mellon Conference, November 2005
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7-8National Academy of Sciences (NAS): Board on Testing and Assessment, 1993
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1911-5NAS: Board on Testing and Assessment, 1995
Teaching, 1958-2004
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3University of Washington, 1992
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5-7Student Work, undated
1941-2Student Work, undated
3-4Student Work, c. 1975
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3Recommendation Letters, O-W, undated
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9Dissertations, 1980s
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Personal and Civic Activity, 1965-2008
Personal Files, 1965-2007
2011Personal Correspondence, 1965
2Personal Correspondence, 1966-1967
3Personal Correspondence, 1969
4-6Personal Correspondence, 1970-1990
7Personal Correspondence and Notes, c. 1970-1990
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11Personal Correspondence, 1978-1993
2021Personal Correspondence, 1990-2007
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4Christmas Cards, 2000
5Conklin Farms, Rockland County, NY, 1998
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7Properties: Conklin Farms and 5 Cooper Morris Drive, undated
8Property Maintenance and Repair, undated
9Cape Ann, Massachusetts, undated
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13Air Transport, undated
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2Employment, 1952-1953
3Personal Papers and Speeches, 1969-1970
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11Hillview Cooperative, 1988
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2-4Personal, undated
5Health Related Matters, 1991-1994
6Sermon Notes and Marriages, undated
7Funerals and Eulogy, undated
8Gordon, Joanna, undated
9Poems, undated
10EWG Photographs, undated
11Property and Estate Plannning, 1992-1999
Calendars and Agendas, 1955-2004
2051Bookkeeping Notebook, 1948-1954
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3Planner, 1956
4Date Guide, 1957
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7Planner, 1958
8Professional Diary, 1958
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5Day-at-a-glance Planner, 1964
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2111Appointment Books, 1996-1998
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3Appointment Books, 1999-2000
4Appointment Books, 2000-2002
5Electronic Calendar, 2001
6Day Minder, 2003-2004
7Calendars, 2003-2004
8Address Book Document, undated
212Calendars and other Printed Material, 1973-2001
Gordon and Gordon Associates in Human Development, 1990-2003
2131Gordon and Gordon Associates in Human Development, undated
2Psychology License Renewal, 1991
3Desk Calendar, c. 1991
4Membership Dues, 1991-1994
5Billing/Financial, 1993
6Payroll Summary, 1993
7Charitable Contributions, 1993
8Itineraries, 1993
9EWG Schedule and Tasks, c. 1993
10G+G Mail Log, 1993
11Pending Matters, 1993-1994
12G+G: Commitments, 1994
13G+G Mail Log, 1994
14G+G: Daily Log, 1994-1995
15Billing/Financial, 1994
16Billing/Financial, 1994-2004
2141G+G Mail Log, 1995
2G+G Library and Archive, 1996
3Staff Associates, undated
4Arroyo, Carmen, undated
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6Bhattacharyya, Maitrayee, undated
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11Juhl, Christine, undated
12Lee, Andrea, undated
13Lemons, Melissa, undated
14Lherrison, Babette, undated
15McClure, Dan, undated
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17Rivera, Lintz, undated
Gordon and Gordon Subject Files, 1977-2009
21418The American Constitution High School, undated
19Austin Independent School District, 2002-2004
20Children’s Museum of Manhattan, 2005
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7Montclair Public Schools, undated
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3Rockefeller, 2003
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2171UCLA: Education External Review, 1994
Montgomery County Public Schools, c. 1990
2172Advisory Panel Curriculum Vita, undated
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4Agreement and Finances, 1990
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7Board Meeting, March 26, 1991
8Board of Education, undated
2181Budget Report, undated
2Career Education, undated
3Career Promotion Orientation, 1990
4-5Correspondence, 1990-1991
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7Correspondence: Memos, 1985-1989
8Correspondence and Notes, 1989-1990
9Curriculum Research Information, undated
10Department of Human Relations, undated
11Directions: Maryland, undated
2191Draft Memo: Educational Needs of Asian Students, 1990
2Draft Reports of the Sub-Studies, 1990
3Educational Needs of Asian Students, undated
4Elementary School: Burning Tree, undated
5-6Elementary School: Georgian Forest, undated
7Elementary School: Greencastle, undated
8Elementary School: North Chevy Chase, undated
9Featherson Matter, undated
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3MCPS Northwood Report, undated
4MCPS Schools at A Glance, undated
5MCPS Special and Alternative Education Information Packet, undated
2241MCPS Study of 1986-87 Dropouts, undated
2MCPS Vocational Education, undated
3Meeting on Minority Achievement, June 1989
4Middle (Intermediate) School: Tacoma Park, undated
5Middle School: Julius West, undated
6Middle School: William H. Farquar, undated
7Multicultural Education, undated
8News Clippings, undated
9Okagaki, Lynn, undated
2251Original Home Interview Forms, undated
2Plans and Schedule for Montgomery County, undated
3Press Material, undated
4Publications: Study Group Reports, Findings, undated
5Raver, C.C.: MCPS Report Draft, undated
6School Review Team Summary Report, undated
7-8Statement of Testimony on Minority Education, undated
9Status of Education for Students in MCPS, undated
2261Student Education Data Systems, undated
2Student Questionnaires, undated
3-4A Study of Minority Student Achievement Report, undated
5A Study of Minority Student Achievement Preliminary Report, Draft, undated
2271A Study of Minority Student Achievement, Annotated Final Report, undated
2-3A Study of Minority Student Achievement, Draft of Final Report, undated
4A Study of Minority Student Achievement: Notes and Drafts, undated
5A Study of Minority Student Achievement: Public Comments, undated
2281A Study of Minority Student Achievement: Written Public Comments, 1990
Collaborative for Humanities and Arts Teaching (CHART) Project, c. 1990-1992
2282-3CHART Project Proposal, 1990
4Humanitas, undated
5CHART/HERALD Project, undated
2291-4CHART Project, undated
5CHART: Program Information, c. 1992
2301Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School Syllabus, undated
2Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School Curriculum Materials, undated
3-4CHART Evaluation Material, undated
2311-2CHART Evaluation Material, undated
3CHART Evaluation, undated
New York Social Studies Syllabus Review and Development Committee, c. 1990-1993
2321-6Syllabus Review and Development Committee, undated
2331-5Syllabus Review and Development Committee, undated
New Standards Project, 1990-1998
2341New Standards Project, 1990
2New Standards Project: LRDC/Pitt, 1990
3New Standards Project Binder, 1991
4-5New Standards Project, 1991
6New Standards Project, 1992
7New Standards Project: Meetings, 1992-1993
8New Standards Project: Planning for Equity, 1993
2351New Standards Governing Board, 1994
2New Standards Project: Donald Stewart, undated
3New Standards Project: Eleanor A. Thomas, undated
4New Standards Board Meeting, November 1994
5New Standards Project, 1994-1995
6New Standards Project, 1995
2361New Standards Project Board Meeting, November 1995
2New Standards Project: Proposal, 1995-1998
3New Standards Project, 1996
4New Standards Project: Lauren Resnick, undated
Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), c. 1991-2000s
2371CDF, 1980s
2Rockefeller Foundation: Children’s Defense Fund, 1991-1994
3CDF: Schumann Board, 1992
4-5CDF: Black Community Crusade for Children (BCCC), undated
6CDF: BCCC Advisory Group, undated
7CDF, 1993
8CDF, 1994
2381CDF: Conference at Alex Haley Farm, 1994
2African American Males Task Force Conference Papers, 1994
3-5African American Males Task Force, undated
2391-2CDF, 1995
3CDF: Black Males Seminar, 1995
4Black Community Crusade for Children (BCC ) Leadership Conference, November 11-12, 1995
5CDF Freedom Schools: Correspondence, 1995
6-7Freedom School, 1995
8CDF: Electronic Correspondence, 1995-1996
9BCC Freedom Schools Orientation Workshop, February 15-19, 1996
10CDF, 1996
11CDF, 2000s
National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST), c. 1991-2005
2401CRESST, 1991
2-3CRESST, 1991-2001
4CRESST, 1992
5CRESST, 1993-1994
6CRESST, 1993-1999
7CRESST, 1995
8CRESST, 1996
2411CRESST, 1997
2CRESST: Advisory Board Meeting, 1998
3CRESST: Advisory Board Meeting, 1999
4CRESST, 1999
5CRESST, 2000s
6CRESST: National Advisory Board, undated
7CRESST: Organization Notes, undated
The Jackie Robinson Foundation, c. 1992
2418The Jackie Robinson Foundation, 1991-1993
9Jackie Robinson Foundation Correspondence, 1991-1993
10Higher Education Extension Service: UNCF and Jackie Robinson Foundation, 1992-1993
11-12Jackie Robinson Foundation, 1992
2421Jackie Robinson Foundation Education and Scholarship Program, 1992-1993
2Jackie Robinson Foundation: Correlates of Effectiveness, 1993
New York Curriculum and Assessment Committee, 1992-1994
2423-5Curriculum and Assessment Committee, undated
2431-4Curriculum and Assessment Committee, undated
2441-5Curriculum and Assessment Committee, undated
2451-4Curriculum and Assessment Committee, undated
The National Center for Inner City Statistics (CEIC/TEMPLE), c. 1991-1994
2455CEIC/TEMPLE, undated
2461-4CEIC/TEMPLE, undated
2471-2CEIC/TEMPLE, undated
3CEIC/TEMPLE, c. 1990
4CEIC National Technical Advisory Board, 1992
5CEIC Year Five Proposal, 1994
6CEIC/CEDES, 1993-1995
2481-6Temple: At Risk Center Proposal, 1994
2491Educational Resilience in Inner City America, 1991-1993
2Making a Difference for Students at Risk, 1993
3Temple University, 1993-1994
4Research in Human Development and Education, 1994
5Family and Peer Groups as Learning Communities Budget, 1996
6Temple University EZ/EC Initiative, 1996
7Laboratory for Student Success, 1997-1999
8Laboratory for Student Success: Supplementary Education, 1998
9Laboratory for Student Success Conferences, 1998-2000
2501Laboratory for Student Success Conferences, 1998-2000
2Temple University Reimbursement, 2005
Johns Hopkins University (CDS, CRESPAR), c. 1992-1995
2503Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk (CRESPAR), 1995-2001
4Center for Research on Effective Schooling for Disadvantaged Students (CDS) Advisory Board, undated
5-6CDS, c. 1991-1993
Performance Assessment Collaboratives for Education (PACE), c. 1992-1996
2511-2Advisory Board Meeting Materials, undated
3Advisory Board, 1993-1995
4Articles, undated
5Assessment Conference, July 1992
6Bonilla-Bowman, Carol: Report, Reflections, Notebook, 1995
2521Bonilla-Bowman, Carol: Notes and Documents (includes floppy), 1993-1994
2Bonilla-Bowman, Carol: Notes and Documents, 1993-1994
3Annie F. Casey Foundation, undated
4Correspondence, 1992-1995
5Data for 1994-1995 Report: Rochester, Pittsburgh, San Diego, undated
2531East Irondequoit Materials, undated
2Education Resources Group Evaluation, 1992
3First Class, Frederick Douglass Middle School, 1994-1995
4First Class, Frederick Douglass Middle School, 1995
5-6Fort Worth, undated
2541Gordon and Gordon: Contract, 1993-1994
2-3Gordon and Gordon: Materials, undated
4Gordon and Gordon: Meeting, June 4, 1993
5Gordon and Gordon: Site Visit Guidelines, undated
6Gordon and Gordon: Notes, Initial School Visits, undated
7Gordon and Gordon: Site Visits, Fall 1992
8Gordon and Gordon: Site Visits, Spring 1993
9Gordon and Gordon: Site Visits, Spring 1994
10Gordon and Gordon: California Site Visit, 1994
11Gordon and Gordon: Pittsburgh Site Visit, 1993
12Gordon and Gordon: Shutesbury Site Visits, undated
2551-2Interview Protocol and Student Feedback and Work, undated
3Issues in Assessment, 1996-1997
4PACE, 1992
5PACE, 1992-1995
6PACE, 1993-1994
7-8PACE, 1994
9PACE, 1994-1995
2561PACE, 1995
2PACE, 1995-1996
3PACE, 1996
4PACE, 1998
5-6PACE Binder, 1993
7PACE Binder, 1994-1995
8PACE Classroom Observation Tool, 1995
9PACE Ethnographers, undated
2571PACE: Notes, Spring 1993
2PACE: Notes and Drafts, 1993-1994
3PACE: Notes, 1995-1996
4PACE: Outlines for Book, 1997
5PACE: Paper, Bowman and Gordon, undated
6PACE: Performance Assessment Collaboratives for Education, 1992-1993
7PACE: Program Binder, 1994-1995
2581PACE: Portfolio Reviews, 1993
2PACE: Proposal for PACE Evaluation, 1991
3PACE: Reports and Evaluations, 1993
4PACE: Gordon and Gordon January Evaluation Report, 1993
5PACE: “Critical Reflections” External Review, 1993-1994
6-7PACE Report Materials, 1993-1995
8PACE Report Materials, 1993-1996
9PACE Final Report Master File, includes floppy, 1994-1995
2591PACE Final Report Materials, includes floppy, undated
2PACE Final Report Materials, undated
3PACE Draft Report, 1995
4PACE Penultimate Report, 1996-1998
5PACE Connoisseurial Evaluation (1992-1996), 1999
6Rochester, 1994-1995
2601Rochester, 1995
2San Diego: O’Farrell, undated
3San Francisco USD, undated
4San Francisco Schools, 1992-1995
5Student Feedback, 1995-1996
6Teacher Interviews and Classroom Observations, 1995
7Toward Coherent Systems of Assessment, 1993-1994
Lexington School for the Deaf: Language and Literacy Project, 1985-2003
2611Cohen, Sue, undated
2Correspondence, 1985-1995
3Grace, Cynthia, undated
4Language and Literacy Development in Deaf Children, undated
5-6Language and Literacy Project, undated
7Language and Literacy Project Meetings, 1993
2621Language and Literacy Draft Report, 1993
2Language and Literacy Preliminary Report, 1993
3Lexington Center Board of Trustees, undated
4Lexington School for the Deaf, 1993-1994
5Lexington School for the Deaf, 1995-2003
6Lexington School for the Deaf: Graduation Exercises, undated
7Lexington School for the Deaf Study Group, 1992-1993
8Lexington School for the Deaf: Working Conference, 1993
Atlas Seminar, c. 1995
2631-4Atlas Seminar, undated
2641Atlas Seminar, undated
National Research Policy and Priorities Board (NERPPB), c. 1995-2000
2642NERPPB, 1995
3NERPPB Meeting, 1996
4NERPPB, 1996
5NERPPB, 1997
2651-2NERPPB, 1997
3NERPPB Workshop, 1997
4NERPPB, 1998-2003
2661NERPPB Meeting, 1999
2NERPPB Conference, 1999
3NERPPB Proposal, 2000
4NERPPB Meeting, May 2000
5NERPPB Meeting, June 2000
6NERPPB Conference, 2000
CEJJES Institute, c. 2000-2008
2671CEJJES Institute, c. 2000-2008
2-3Greenburgh-Graham, 2005-2006
4Greenburgh-Graham, 2006-2007
5CEEJES Correspondence, 2006



Publications and Print Material, 1933-2010

Edmund W. Gordon Authored, 1948-2010
2681Masters Thesis, “A Program of Student Personnel Administration,” 1948 and 1950
2“Life Space Perceptions of Disadvantaged Children,” c. 1964
3Critical Review of Programs of Compensatory Education, 1964
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6Requests for Use of Outside Permissions, 1969-1989
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4The Slave’s Narrative as Literature and History Chapter, 1978
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7-8EWG Authored Articles, undated
9Papers with EWG Annotations, undated
10Papers Citing EWG, undated
2751EWG Bibliography, undated
2Publications with EWG Articles, undated
3EWG, Drafts, undated
4Bias and Alternatives in Psychological Testing, undated
5The Democratization of Higher Education, undated
6Educating Children who are at High Risk of Educational Failure, undated
7Equity, undated
8Reading, undated
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2791-4Defiers of Negative Prediction: A Case Study, undated
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Edmund W. Gordon Co-Authored and Speeches, 1964-2006
2851EWG and Eleanor Armour-Thomas, 2006
2EWG and Carol Bonilla-Bowman, undated
3EWG and Aundra Saa Meroe, undated
4-5EWG, Co-Authored Papers and Articles, undated
6Co-Authored Reports, undated
2861-2Co-Authored Reports, undated
3Speeches and Remarks, 1964-1987
4Various Speeches, 1992-1993
5IUME Distinguished Lecture Series Speech, 1993
6Caswell Conference Keynote Address, 1994
7American Instructors of the Deaf Keynote, 1997
Notes and Notebooks, c. 1965-1996
Notebooks, c. 1971-1995
2871Red Spiral Notebook, 1971
2Spiral Notebook(includes China trip notes), c. 1978
3Spiral Notebook, c. 1980-1993
4Spiral Notebook, c. 1983
5Spiral Notebook, c. 1984-1988
2881Spiral Notebook, c. 1989
2Composition Notebook, c. 1991-1993
3Spiral Notebooks, c. 1992
4Spiral Notebook, 1993
5Spiral Notebook, c. 1994
6Green Spiral Notebook, c. 1994-1995
7Green Spiral and Composition Notebooks, c. 1995
Handwritten Notes, c. 1965-1996
2888Notes and Papers, c. 1965
2891Notes, 1975-1989
2Handwritten Notes, c. 1975-1996
3Notes, 1979
4Notes, c. 1990
5Handwritten Notes, c. 1994
6Handwritten Notes, 1996
7Handwritten Notes, undated
8Notes and Publications, undated
9Handwritten Research Notes, undated
10Adolescence, undated
11Rating Scales undated
12EWG Notes undated
Proposals and Reports, 1951-2008
Proposals, 1965-2001
2901Developmental Pilot Program, 1965
2The Development and Evaluation of a Diagnostically Based Curriculum for Preschool Psyco-Socially Deprived Children, 1967-1968
3The New York Urban League: Developing an American Identity Among Blacks, 1970 and 1979
4Conditions and Processes of Effective School Desegregation, 1972
5Vocational Choice, Training, and Achievement Proposal, 1965
6Fluid Power Society Proposal, 1965
7Child Abuse and Neglect Center Proposal, 1972-1981
8Mobile County Child Abuse and Neglect Demonstration Center, 1974
9Specialists in Service to the Aging, 1974-1975
10Child and Family Development Proposal, 1975
2911-2Proposals and Administrative Notebook, c. 1975
3A Proposal for the Study of the Impact of Teachers on Low-Income Children, 1975-1976
4The Western and Upper Manhattan Perinatal Network, 1976
5Institute for Urban and Minority Education and Welfare Proposal, 1977
6Bronx College: Grant Proposal, 1979
7A Conceptual Investigation of the Pedagogical Relevance of Aspects of Human Development, 1979
8Community Based Guidance Proposal, c. 1970s
2921Preparation of Child Care Personnel Proposal, 1980
2NEI Proposal, 1981
3Implications of Psycho-Social and Economic Barriers Impacting Upon Family Units of the Developmentally Disabled, Proposal, 1981
4Which Babies Shall Live?: Humanistic Dimensions of the Care of Imperiled Newborns, 1982
5Spencer Foundation, 1982-1994
6EWG, “Mechanisms of Learning Achievement…,” 1985
7Community Forces and Minority Educational Strategies: A Comparative Study, 1987
8The Application of Recent Developments in Cognitive Psychology to the Academic Development of Educationally Disadvantaged Minority Children and Youth, 1987-1988
9Minority Mental Health, 1989
10Proposals, 1989
11Rubenstein, J: Center for the Study of Youth Proposal, 1991
12Lily Endowment Proposal: Correlates of Academic Success and Failure in Black American Students, 1991-1993
13“People of Excellence,” Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, 1993
2931CESPAREF: Executive Summary and Testimony, 1994
2-3National Center on Education of Students Placed at Risk of Educational Failure (CESPAREF), 1994
4Macy Foundation, 1995
2941Joyce Foundation, 1997-2000
2Public Policy and Race Exploration, 1998
3In the Spirit of the Children (ITSOC), 1998-2001
4Proposals, 2000s
5eHigher Education Foundation for Minority High Achievement, 2000
6Sternberg Proposal: College Board-Yale Joint Consortium, 2000
7Proposal with Clifford Hill, 2000
8Draft Proposal: A Joint Initiative of Teacher’s College, Columbia University: The College Board, the Education Trust, and Temple University, 2001
9Proposals, undated
10High Performance Learning Community Proposal, undated
Reports, 1951-2008
2951Reports, 1951: Negro People and Culture, 1951
2Development of a Child Behavior Inventory for Use in Epidemiologic Studies of Abnormal Behavior, 1962
3An Assessment of the All Day Neighborhood School Program for the Culturally Deprived, 1962-1964
4New York Medical College: Continuous Care Study, 1964
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6Collegiate Compensatory Programs Reports, c. 1964
7Minorities, Manpower and Medicine, 1966
8Evaluation of New York City Title 1 Educational Projects, 1966-1967
9The Development of Curricular Materials for Fordham University’s New Urban Teacher Education Program, 1967
10Committee on Experimental Programs to Improve Educational Achievement in Special Service Schools, 1968
11The Tyranny of Testing: What Can be Done About it?, 1968
12Final Report Submitted to the Superintendent of Schools, 1968
13Attitudes Toward Education and Physically Disabled Persons in Eleven Nations, 1968-1970
14“The Mentally Retarded Welfare Client,” 1970
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2Report to the Government of Liberia on Total Involvement: A Strategy for Development, 1972
3A Prototype Computer Program for Interactive Computer-Administered Admissible Probability Measurement, 1974
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8Long Island University Higher Education Opportunity Program, 1977
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10Community Services in the Community College Goals, c. 1980
11Behavioral Development of Multihandicapped Children Report, 1980
12Center for the Study of Community Colleges: Science Education for Women Report, 1981
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15Preparation for College Committee Report, 1983
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17Computer Technology and Educational Equity, 1985
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20Crime and the Contras, c. 1986
21Research Fellowship Program Proposal for Enhancement of Cognitive Development in Educationally Disadvantaged Children, c. 1986
22A Study of Effective Elementary Schools, 1988
23Plan to Save and Improve the Oakland Unified School District’s Child Development Programs, 1989
24Charting a Course: Social Studies Curriculum for the 21st Century, 1989
25University Diversity Reports, 1980s
2971Improving National Education Report, 1990
2Evaluation of the New York City Dropout Prevention Initiative 1985-86 Through 1987-88 Final Longitudinal Report Volume 1, 1990
3Evaluation of the New York City Dropout Prevention Initiative 1985-86 Through 1987-88 Final Longitudinal Report Volume 2, 1990
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5-6Rockefeller Report, 1991-1992
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2Secret Apartheid, A Report on Racial Discrimination Against Black and Latino Parents and Children in the New York City Public Schools, 1996
3Report of the Panel on Special Education, Final Draft, 1998
4Annual Testing Report for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, 1998
5Workshop on Race, Gender, Class, and Student Achievement Report, Maitrayee Bhattacharyya, 1998
6Reports, 2000s
7-9Study Group on Supplementary Education: William T. Grant Foundation Report, Grant #8246, 2008
10Invulnerable and Success Report, undated
Print Material, 1933-2007
Newsletters, 1958-2000s
2991Newsletters, 1958
2Newsletters, 1960s
3Newsletters, 1970s
4Equal Opportunity Review, 1970-1973
5The Revelation: A Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural Monthly, 1973
6Peking Review, 1978-1979
7Newsletters, 1980s
8Newsletters, New York, 1980s
9Newsletters, New York, 1990s
10Newsletters, New York, 2000s
Journals and Print Publications, 1933-2006
300American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1964-2003
3011American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Confidentiality Papers, 1979
2American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1981
3American Journal of Orthopsychiatry Correspondence, 1981-2001
4American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1981-2002
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6The Black Scholar, undated
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4-5Journal of Negro Education, Binder B, Summer 1992
6Journal of Negro Education, Binder B, Peer Review, undated
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8Journal of Negro Education, Binder B, Summer Issue, undated
9Journal of Negro Education, Binder B, Comments, Critiques, Reviews, undated
10Journal of Negro Education, 1995
303Journals and Print Publications, 1937-1979
304Journals and Print Publications, 1980-1990s
305Journals and Print Publications, 1990s-2006
306Communist and Socialist Print Publications, 1933-1989
307Books, undated
Magazines, 1964-2006
308Magazines, 1964-1984
309Magazines, 1985-2006
310Ebony Magazine, 1960-1974
311Ebony Magazine, 1974-1988
Newspapers, 1965-2007
3121Newspaper Clippings, 1965-1994
2Newspapers, 1966-1991
3Newspapers, 1967-1968
4Newspaper Clippings, Education, 1979-1998
5Newspapers, 1980s
3131-2Newspapers, New York Times, 1985-1992
3Newspaper Clippings, 1991-2007



Dr. Susan Gordon, 1946-1997

3141Adolescence, 1972-1984
2Ambulatory Pediatric Association, 1975
3Audiovisual Education Grant, undated
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6Chapter for Handicapped/Hearing Impaired, undated
7Child Abuse, 1969-1975
8Child Abuse, 1970-1977
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2Child Health Care Project, 1973-1975
3Correspondence, 1974-1977
4Correspondence, 1977-1980
5Correspondence, 1979-1982
6Correspondence: Child Abuse, 1972-1977
7Correspondence: Recommendations, 1975-1978
3171CPC, 1973-1975
2Curriculum Planning, 1975-1976
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4Developmental Disability, 1975-1981
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9Gloucester Meeting: Training in Pediatrics, 1978
10Health and Society Course, 1973
3191Infectious Disease, 1971-1980
2Johnson Foundation, 1973
3Johnson Foundation Site Visit, 1974
4Junior Block Exam, 1975
5Lecture Note, undated
6Maturity Scale and Gestalt Test, 1946-1947
3201Mediax/Head Start, 1978
2Medical Teaching and Instruction, 1973-1981
3Pediatrics, 1963-1976
4Pediatrics, 1955-1961
5Pediatrics: Primary Care Teaching Program, 1974-1980
3211Professional Diary of Susan Gordon, 1955
2Propranolol Study, 1982
3Psycho/Social Development and Human Variances Manuscript Draft, 1983
4-5Research and Notes, c. 1980s
3221Research and Notes, c. 1980s
2School Health Program, 1978
3Severely Handicapped/Hearing Impaired Children, 1973-1981
4Sex Education Workshop, 1973-1979
5Sexual Abuse and Rape, 1974-1975
6Teaching Faculty, 1975-1976
3231Umoja Extended Family Juvenile Program, 1973-1981
2Umoja Juvenile Program, 1980-1984
3Women in Medicine, 1976-1978
4Medical Publications, 1964-1994
5Susan Gordon’s Publications, 1975 and 1980
6Publications on Children, 1975-1991
7Disease Control Bulletin, 1979-1981



Audio Files, 1958-1996

A detailed audio inventory available upon request.
32405-06Angela Davis, Yale University, “Women and The Struggle Against Racism” Lecture, March 31, 1989
07-08Margaret Walker Alexander, Yale University, November 7, 1989
09-10Social Science and the Black Experience Class/Discussion, undated
11-12Carnegie Draft Proposal Discussion, December 17, 1981
13WBAI Special Premium – WBAI Africa Special – Black Athena, 961046/96 (Profs. Herbert Aptheker and Howard Zinn, guests), NYC, November 17, 1996
14KPFA Interview – Elsa Knight Thompson, KPFA, with Paul Robeson, Actor and Harold Winkler, President of Pacifica Foundation, discussion on radio program, February 8, 1958
15-16WBAI Special Premium – Mutabaruka Interview, NYC, undated
17Dr. G. Talk and Q&A on China; Shirley Chisholm speech (Conference for Ethnic Origin), September 26, 1978
18Dr. G. Talk and Q&A on China; Dr. Feminella talk (Conference for Ethnic Origin), September 26, 1978
21-22Intelligence I, undated
23Interview #1 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Jenny Zephyr – Q.P.A. SR 94.93, May 28, 1985
24Interview #2 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Belleitha Lambkin – Q.P.A. SR 93.53, May 28, 1985
25Interview #3 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Jean Diedonne – Q.P.A. SR 90.32, May 28, 1985
26Interview #4 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Drucilla Brown – Q.P.A. SR 88/74, May 28, 1985
27Interview #5 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Pat Agard – SR 79.54, May 28, 1985
28Interview #6 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Uzbern Solero – Q.P.A. SR 94.61, May 30, 1985
29Interview #7 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – (This is probably Ann Rodriquez)– Q.P.A. 93.86 SR, May 30, 1985
30Interview #8 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – (This is probably Michelle Downer. The interviewer mentioned to Ann in her interview that she had just spoken with Michelle) – Q.P.A. 88.85 SR, May 30, 1985
31Interview #9 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Ann Marie Stewart – Q.P.A. SR 78.05, May 30, 1985
32Interview #10 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Janine Knight – SR 80.40, May 30, 1985
33Interview #11 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Marian Moore – Q.P.A. 93.38, June 7, 1985
34Interview #12 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Sandra Rollins – Q.P.A. 81.63, June 7, 1985
35Interview #13 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Reita Khan – SR 76.40, June 7, 1985
36Interview #14 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Marilu Sanchez – SR 92.79, June 7, 1985
37Interview #15 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Cynthia Robinson – 82.38 SR, June 7, 1985
38Interview #16 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Randa Henry – 82.54 SR, June 7, 1985
39Interview #17 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Demetria Pennington – 92.13 SR, June 7 or 10, 1985
40Interview #18 – Clara Barton (CBHS) – Deborah Phillips – 83.D5 SR, June 7, 1985
41-421038 – L.I.U. Interview, undated
431081 – L.I.U. Interview, March 23, 1976
44L.I.U. (Interview), undated
45Code 2001 – L.I.U. Interview, undated
46L.I.U. Interview, undated
47L.I.U. Interview (Labeled on cassette shell: A2 2001/A1 3003), undated
48L.I.U. Interview (Labeled on cassette shell: A2 2001/B1 3003/A1 2002), undated
49Code 3035 – L.I.U. Followup Interview, undated
50Code 3035 – L.I.U. Interview, undated
51-52Interview with Vera Pasteur, August 7, 1982
53Morning Discussion on the Word, October 21, 1992
57-58Cynthia Neal, Review of Current Secular Feminist Theory, 1993
59-61John Swann, Jr., “Improving Performance on Aptitude Tests,” June 21, 1973
63Unidentified Interview, ca. 1990s, c. 1990s
65-72Learning Styles, July 22, 1988
73Beishon and Gordon, Tuning an Educational Service to the Needs of a Multi-ethnic Community, undated
74End of Thesmann (?), McDonald, Rees’ Presentation on Handling Racists Issues, undated
75Lorna Biblio, November 18, unknown year