Drs. Susan G. & Edmund W. Gordon’s children established the CEJJES Institute and Library to continue their parent’s life work in the promotion of social justice, particularly as it pertains to health, education, and the environmental and material well being of marginalized communities. The Institute gives special attention to the well being of children. The CEJJES Institute works primarily in collaboration with communities of color, particularly those of African descent. The Institute’s premise is that prevailing political economies of race, gender, culture, and sexuality uniquely negatively impact communities of color. The accelerating negative consequences of these processes make coming to terms with and working against Black people’s oppression a matter of urgency. CEJJES believes that by engaging in education, critical thinking, activist research, strategizing, and organizing with such communities, social justice and liberation can be achieved. The primary focus of the work of the Institute is in Rockland County, New York, but the concerns of the Institute are worldwide.