Education Summit

The Hidden Routes to High Academic Achievement & Success!

The CEJJES Institute in collaboration with Rockland Community College, Nyack College, East Ramapo Central School District, East Ramapo PTA Council, NAACP-Spring Valley Chapter, Nyack College, Nyack School District, Pan Hellenic Council of Rockland County and Rockland 21C have organized the Annual Education Summit.

“Our goal is to bring together parents, students, educators and community members to introduce, communicate and/or reinforce the notion of Supplementary Education (SE), as well as provide information in regards to planning for their child’s education beyond high school” says Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, Co-Founder, CEJJES Institute. We define Supplementary Education as the formal and informal learning and developmental enrichment opportunities that are provided for students outside of school and beyond the regular school day or year.”


The purpose of the summit is to:
    1. promote the importance of education and academic achievement;
    2. promote the importance of family and community involvement in the support of academic and personal development of children; and
    3. support our schools as they take primary responsibility for the academic development of children.
    “The hosts of the event believe this summit is a critically important event and will benefit the community greatly by dispelling the notion that schools alone are responsible for the academic success of children. The summit will stress how the student, parent and community members must own high academic achievement, as a value.”

Parents and youth in grades 6 – 12 have participated in workshops run throughout the day.