Recent Appointment at The CEJJES Institute

Elham (Ellie) Zandvakili graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and received a PhD in the field of education in language, literacy, and culture. She has been appointed as a post-doctoral fellow at the CEJJES institute beginning in September 2019.

The institute is pleased to have the ongoing services of this young scholar. She is a permanent resident of the United States based on receiving a national interest waiver which is given to promising young scholars by the federal government. As part of her appointment at the institute, she is responsible for bibliographic research, writing papers and reports and gathering and synthesizing data. Her areas of interest include: second language learning, critical thinking, self-assessment, metamentation and the relations between the arts and language learning.

She is currently working on a project connecting online resources for k-12 education in New York City that is funded by the New York City public schools in cooperation with Teacher’s College at Colombia University.