Supplemental Education at The CEJJES Institute

Supplemental Education has been called “The Hidden Curriculum of High Achievement”. The idea of supplementary education is based on the assumption that high academic achievement is closely associated with exposure to family and community-based activities and learning experiences that occur both in and out of school, in support of academic learning.

The CEJJES Institute has begun an initiative to become a clearinghouse of resources, information, and activities for families/groups who wish to add to their children’s formal education by providing a rich diet of learning experiences and activities. We will attempt to provide digital access to a variety of experiences and learning opportunities so that under-resourced children will have access to this supplemental curriculum.

We welcome any and all assistance in developing the Supplemental Education clearinghouse. Please contact us at for more information and with any ideas, commentary, content that will help move this project forward.

The development of this clearinghouse is ongoing and we will continue to add content as we uncover it or as it is brought to our attention.