Virtual Supplementary Education Resource

The CEJJES Institute has entered into an agreement with the Black Education Research Collective at Teachers College, Columbia University to develop our Virtual Supplementary Education Resource initiative. V-SER will be a cyberspace based resource for K-12 students and their parents; providing a wide range of virtual experiences to augment and contextualize school learning.

Supplemental Education has been called “The Hidden Curriculum of High Achievement”. The idea of supplementary education is based on the assumption that high academic achievement is closely associated with exposure to family and community-based activities and learning experiences that occur both in and out of school, in support of academic learning. This manner of education may be described as the common-sense stuff that well-informed adults spontaneously do to entertain, to occupy and often to add to and support the formal learning experiences of learners. In everyday life these may take the form of music lessons, camping, bedtime stories, reading together, shopping, chores, museum trips, travel, or almost any of the experiences that broaden and enrich the awareness, skill level, or knowledge base of learning persons. V-SER will be able to provide many of these experiences to any student who has access to an electronic device, be it a phone, tablet, or computer. By leveraging the power of the internet and social networks, we hope to open the world to all students.